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About; The Dead Clowns
The Dead Clowns are an online-band / internet-band / virtual-band that use online music collaboration technology to bring musicians, vocalists, composers, lyricists and audio engineers from around the world together to make new music primarily in the Hip Hop, Rock, Rap, Pop, and Dance genres.
The Sound of The Dead Clowns
While The Dead Clowns mainly compose in the Hip Hop, Rock, Rap, Pop, and Dance genres with a bit of that Top 40 sound mixed in, the group does not limit itself to any one type of music. Rather, they strive to fuse different genres together when appropriate. So ... what is The Dead Clowns Sound? Best Answer: A mash-up of music genres and styles that are usually fused together with Dance and Hip-Hop beats.
Formation of; The Dead Clowns
In early 2010, Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin (USA) began posting his new musical creations to the Online Music-Collaboration site; Within a few months he had collaborated on several songs with Guitarist, Gabriel T. de Oliveira (Brazil) and the two established a friendship. The now duo, set out to find a vocalist to complement their collaborations. Friebolin contacted rapper, long time friend, and former bandmate, Kenneth West (USA). The now trio completed their first song together and needed to settle on a band name. Friebolin who is a marketing specialist and web developer by trade made mention that he had purchased the domain but wasn't actively developing it and soon after, in mid-2010 The Dead Clowns were formed.
The Addition of Core Members:
After Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin, Gabriel T. de Oliveira and Kenneth West established The Dead Clowns they set out to record a song that required additional talent. Friebolin and West then called on long time friends, and former bandmates, Turntablist: David "DJ Trap" Burns (USA) and Rapper: Terrance Ward (USA) to help with the collaboration and were immediately added to the core group of band members.
The Addition of Even More Members:
Band members are always being added to The Dead Clowns because upon completion of any collaboration with the core group of members we consider the collaborator to be part of the group.
What is an Internet Band, Online Band, Virtual Band and Why So Many Definitions?
While online bands started popping up in the early 2000's there has been no consensus for what to call this type of band. However no matter what you call it; "Internet Band", "Online Band", "Virtual Band", etc. these types of bands all have one thing in common; band members collaborate on music via the internet.
The advantages of joining an online band include the ability to collaborate with musicians, vocalists, audio engineers, etc who reside in any part of the world with internet access. Also, since many online bands do not preform or record in "real-time", it allows members to record their track (their part) at their leisure.

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