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Mr. West (aka Kenneth West)
Talents: Rapper
From: Pennsylvania, USA
Core Member
2010 to Present

Song Title Album Contribution
I Wanna Fly Away To Be Announced Rap Vocals
Rock Box To Be Announced Rap Vocals
Rock To The Rhythm To Be Announced Background Vocals
Dear Hip-Hop To Be Announced Rap Vocals

Mr. West started rapping in the late 80's with fellow rapper Chance (aka Terrance Ward), DJ Trap (aka David Burns), and Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin, with their rap group called "Positive Move". They also had one of the Eastern Pennsylvania's best Hip-Hop dance groups "P.I.D. Posse" (Partners In Dance) performing at every local event. The P.I.D. Posse consisted of 6 core members and eventually extended to as many as 15 members. Positive Move performed and wowed audiences from all across Eastern Pennsylvania, gaining acceptance from the local rappers who were prominent at the time. Mr. West, being an advent Hip-Hop dancer himself, knew alot of the local club DJ's. He befriended a DJ (Mario from B104 FM) and was informed about a talent scout looking for new talent. Mr. West and Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin, put together a 3 song demo ( 2 solo tracks and 1 posse track with members of P.I.D.) and presented it to Jamie Tresch. Jamie Tresch (Q102 FM Sound Engineer) was blown away with what he heard and decided to work with Mr. West and company. In the process of working on tracks for a new demo, Mr. West and P.I.D. changed their name to "Endangered Species". With a new name and new songs, they were ready to record. Endangered Species recorded a 7 song demo in Philadelphia, Pa. at  Studio 4 Recording Studio, home of Ruffhouse Records. E.S. were approached by a couple of Record Companies, namely Elektra Records, but no contracts were ever signed. By 1994, most of the members of E.S. were settling down and starting families, so the group decided to disband. Turn to late 2009, almost 15 years later, Chance started talking about a reunion of sorts with former member Mr. West. Mr. West wasn't interested in pursuiting music after the long hiatus, but reluctantly agreed to assist Chance in his solo efforts. Mr. West then reached out to Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin, to see if he had any music software to offer towards the venture. Almost like they were in tune mentally, Craig was beginning to work on music as well. So, while stopping by Craig's house to pick up said materials, Mr. West and Craig started messing around with sounds, and "I Wanna Fly Away" was created. Knowing that they stumbled upon something special, they decided to continue to work towards a common goal: Making "feel good" music. Craig was collaborating with fellow musicians on a website called "", and befriended a rock guitarist named Gabriel Teixeira de Oliveira (aka Gabe the Rockstarr) and asked him to join the movement. Gabe agreed and Mr. West, Chance, Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin, and Gabe became "The Dead Clowns".  The Dead Clowns wanted to pay homage to one of the Hip-Hop Pioneers Run DMC for paving the way for them to perform the music they grew to love today. So they decided to re-do a cover of "Rock Box". They asked their longtime DJ, DJ Trap, to put the masterful scratches and cuts to the cover song in honor and memory of the late Jam Master Jay. DJ Trap, never one to disappoint on the 1's and 2's, came through and provided the essential ingredients needed into remaking Hip-Hop history. The Dead Clowns asked if he was still interested in making music, and with a nod and a handshake, DJ Trap was a member of The Dead Clowns. Mr. West has written and collaborated on many records for The Dead Clowns, and hopes to write more in the future. While waiting for The Dead Clowns album to get started, Mr. West and Chance worked on a mixtape called "The Dead Clowns Presents... The WEST/WARD mixtape" on August 2011. The mixtape's release date is TBA. 

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