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Brenda Lopez
Talents: Singer, Songwriter
From: California, USA
Primary Member

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A medical assistant by day and singer/songwriter by night…

Brenda Bmelody Lopez grew up an only child in Redwood City, CA with two loving parents and a million cousins. She was a shy little girl in the eyes of others, but when in her room, her haven, she spent hours dancing and singing her little heart out.

During her early years of school, she joined the school band, playing the flute and oboe. In doing so she figured she was as close to music as one could be, without having to sing in front of a crowd.

In high school, a friend of hers heard her sing and convinced her to join the school choir. It was a huge turning point. She was finally able to sing with others who heard her voice and had a lovely one of their own.

Years later, the loss of her father left her in an emotional coma. Music, writing, nothing could fill that void, but after taking some time to heal her broken heart, one day she thought to search online for a place to chat with other musicians and found

Here she was able to work with several different artists from around the world…all at the comfort of her home. It was liberating.

Bmelody is an amateur artist who follows her instincts and never looks back, and upon hearing a beat created by a member of The Dead Clowns, Craig Friebolin, she knew she had to write to it. She didn’t think about it and just recorded…boy did it pay off. The band loved it…that shy only child with a love for music then became the member of a group of extremely talented artists…a Dead Clown ;)


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