Release Date: Dec 31, 1969
0)  I Wanna Fly Away (Frequent-C Remix)
0)  Rock Box (RUN-DMC Cover) (Preview)
0)  On Fire (Feat. Bethany Ransom)
0)  How Long (Preview)
0)  Dear Hip-Hop (Preview)
0)  Breathe (Lee Carr Cover) (Produced by The Dead Clowns) (Preview)
0)  All I Need Is Your Love Baby (Preview)
0)  Someone Save Me (Feat. Gabriel T. de Oliveira)
0)  Do You Feel Dirty (When You Lie) (Feat. Steven sanger Gardner) (Preview)
0)  Loves Lost (Interlude) (Feat. Izzi)
0)  On Fire (Rick Berls Candlelight Remix) (Feat. Bethany Ransom)
0)  Rock to the Rhythm (Preview)
0)  Asylum
0)  2014 NBA Rooks Theme