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May 12th 2015, 01:06 AM GMT labels The Dead Clowns Sexy New Single "Thinking Of You" as Viral labels The Dead Clowns Sexy New Single "Thinking Of You" as Viral


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Lehigh Valley, PA - The Dead Clowns sexy new single "Thinking Of You (Featuring Tana Acosta and Gallo Locknez)" was officially released on May 4th 2015 and just one week later the video all ready boasts 27,000+ views and 10,000+ streaming audio plays across various online outlets. The rate of growth for the single has the top music industry monitoring website reporting the single as "Viral".

The Dead Clowns are an internet-band that use online music collaboration technology to bring musicians, vocalists, composers, lyricists and audio engineers from around the world together to collaborate on musical projects for commercial use. The Dead Clowns currently boasts over 25 members from 5 countries, and 7 US States and continues to audition new talent to add.

"We're starting to see our audience grow" said Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin one of the founding members of The Dead Clowns and one of a handful of band members that reside in Lehigh Valley, PA. "I don't think any of us expected this kind of response actually" Friebolin added, "... but obviously we're very happy with it and hope the momentum continues." 

In the meantime The Dead Clowns are in post production of their next single featuring another Lehigh Valley, PA resident, the popular vocalist Allie Santos. "We shot the video months ago and I can't wait to see the final product!" said Santos.

The Dead Clowns made headlines in recent months with their song "NBA ROOKS" which was used by the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the reality show "NBA Rooks" that follows NBA rookies through the season.

The Dead Clowns - Thinking Of You (Featuring Tana Acosta and Gallo Locknez) credits:
Vocals: Tana Acosta
Rap Vocals: Gallo Locknez
Music: Brian Sanchez
Mixed by: Brian Sanchez
Video by: Craig Frequent-C Friebolin, Brian Sanchez, Gallo Locknez

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